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Greninja real by Chenks-R Greninja real by Chenks-R
In its infant state which is known as "Froakie", this pokemon does not look very flattering. The species used to be a massive pest in the Kalos region after a foreigner brought a Froakie from a distant land; with population numbers of Froakie and Frogadier rising to their millions. At this time no one had seen a greninja before nor had an individual had the chance to fully evolve. Froakie were very difficult to catch due to their swift speeds and nimble physiques the species brought havoc on the ecosystem consuming all the regions bug species and affecting the aviary populations.

The Kalos government out a swift stop to it and within months of the species introduction, they started eliminating the population using a popular starter pokemon for trainers, Chesnaught who's Grass and fighting type capabilities perfectly combated and crushed the Froakie and frogadier.

Soon the numbers dwindled to non-existent and none remained in the wild....only well know Pokemon Professor Augustine Sycamore had some specimens in captivity  for study. Rumours spread that the pokemon no longer existed in the region that it originated from and the specimen that Professor Sycamore had truly were the last of their kind. Suddenly public interest in Froakie and Frogadier exploded with people coming from around Kalos to see this rare pokemon. Eventually Professor Sycamore was able to evolve a Frogadier in front of on lookers. When people gazed upon the Mature form of Froakie they were it's place stood and swift, agile and graceful pokemon which they dubbed Greninja for its ninja-like discretion and its dark typing. Trainers began to petition for Froakies to be the new Kalos water starter as they were tired  of using Kanto's stand in Squirtle and wanted something new, unique and exciting.

In modern times professor Sycamore has successfully been able to stably breed enough froakies to provide new trainers with their starter pokemon. Many people are willing to bear with the unorthodox pre-evolutions to finally get their "ninja-frog" Greninja.

In battle Greninja's speed is rarely matched by it's opponents, it can use its long tongue which is so long it has to be wrapped around it's neck to latch onto opponents and ledges and pull itself towards them.Usually it does not require this as it's jumping prowess is only matched (and slightly outdone) by blaziken. Star Like patches on it's lower legs secrete water from its bloodstream this is combined with a secreted chemical agent unique to froakie which gives the water non-newtonian fluid like properties allowing it to harden when thrown as "water shurikens"....They harden and are particularly sharp upon impact and are  a common tactic used to defeat foolish trainers who try use a Delphox against it.

If greninja's mystery was not enough as it is....rumour has it that the pokemon has a hidden ability that can change it's type at will due to a mutation that allows rapid manufacture of polypeptides to completely alter it's cellular structure. Tests on certain greninja with the mutant gene have shown for example, before using the battle move "Toxic" greninja's cells alter themselves to mime those of a typical poison types' giving the poison more potency before the strike and making Greninja itself immune to poisoning until its cellular structure is altered again.

They are quite easily defeated by the Kalos grass starter Chesnaught…. If they do not have this unique ability.

based on Arvalis's work
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arvalis Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
This looks awesome :)
Chenks-R Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank-you!  You acknowledgement of my work makes me really happy! :)
askiopop Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student General Artist
Art-wise this is good, except for the fact that Greninja is sitting on a plane that higher and tilted lower than the trainer is standing on, something that Arvalis keeps in mind. Just letting you know that this fooled me in to thinking that this was Arvalis's art, and I bet a few people have faved this because they thought this was his art work.

Keep drawing realistic pokemon! Just don't let others think you are another artist, unless given permission from that artist.
Chenks-R Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lol, saying that my artwork can be mistaken for Arvalis' is a HUGE compliment :) I will take what you said about about the planes they're standing on into account! I never noticed it until you told me. definitely will keep it in mind for future projects....I'm thinking that if we moved him behind the Pokemon it'd be harder to tell.

About what you said about me trying to deceive people. That definitely wasn't the intention. I can only hope to be half as good as the level Arvalis is at some day. Surely anyone who looks at the picture will notice the difference, also they will note that it's a different artist too. If it makes you more comfortable I'll put a link to Arvalis' deviant art page in the description. It was a genuine forgotten detail....after the long description I kinda overlooked that I had forgotten to put the artistic inspiration in there which is a HUGE detail to overlook i admit.

Also I'm pretty sure you must be aware that many artists try to mock Arvalis' style because so many people have been inspired by his great work and want to partake in creating this realistic vision he has for pokemon. For example this deviation has aped his art style too...…

Once again, thank you for taking the time to comment!
askiopop Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Student General Artist
No problem! I thought it was unusual that you started using a new layout for realistic pokemon, and decided to point it out before Arvalis took notice. Free fave!
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